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CATWALK : 9 PATTERNS ON ORDER CATWALK : dress, double-sided bolero, scarf / trousers, double-sided jaket, belt, beret CATWALK : Amelie and Robby are modeling (Kidz 'n' Cats) CATWALK : DETAIL of top of DRESS CATWALK : DOUBLE-SIDED JAKET CATWALK : TOP OF BERET CATWALK : Robby (Kidz 'n' Cats) is modeling CATWALK : DOUBLE-SIDED JAKET / BERET on Robby (Kidz 'n' Cats) CATWALK : detail of strap and closing CATWALK : Staight trousers, tunic, double-sided bolero on Raven (Maru and Friends) CATWALK : detail of side closing (same for tunic and dress) CW3 19 AA CW3 20 AA CW3 21 AA CW3 31 AAA CW3 33 AAAA CATWALK : detail of closing CATWALK : beret. Maru is modeling CATWALK : top of beret for Maru and Friends CATWALK : Maru wearing beret, bolero. This top does not belong to Catwalk CATWALK : for Kidz 'n' Cats and Maru and Friends. Here Mareike and Jamie CATWALK : double-sided bolero detail CATWALK : double-sided bolero and flounce detail CATWALK : Mareike and Tanya are modeling CATWALK : detail of side closing (dress and tunic) CATWALK : Jamie wears trousers, tunic, double-sided bolero